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January 28, 2021
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February 5, 2021
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Beaded Necklaces

I LOVE how these beaded necklaces turned out!

We made some for Z’s sweet friends! Using foil and a container with a lid made the clean up super easy. Line the container with foil and add a small drop of acrylic paint into the container. I added 4-5 wooden beads at a time. Put the lid on and roll the beads around. Roll it around less if you want the marbling look. (Tip: If you want to use multiple colors on the same beads I recommend waiting for the first color to dry before rolling the beads in the next color). Lay the beads out on parchment paper to dry completely before threading them through ribbon, tulle or yarn. These chiffon ribbons from @amazon added the perfect finishing touch. I just used a straightened out paper clip to pass the ribbon through the hole of the beads. 

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